Whether you clean your own home or office or you hire a cleaner who uses their cleaning products, you should take the time to consider what is in that container? Why?Most household cleaners are made up of harsh cocktails of chemicals, which can be bad for your health, your kids’ health and work spaces. So selecting and using environmentally friendly cleaning products is important, especially for providing a safe environment and keeping a healthy earth.

Here are Top 5 reasons for why switching to green cleaning is beneficial.

  • Healthier Home and work Space
Our homes and work areas is where we spend most of our time, so it is important to be aware of the environment in which you live and breathe every day. If you go green, “No longer will there be chemicals absorbed into the skin or breathed in by the person cleaning. Also the fumes that are released when using commercial cleaning products contaminate the air through evaporation.

So, minimise your risk with green cleaning products that aren’t toxic or as dangerous.

  • Better for the environment
Many green products are biodegradable, low in toxicity, and use recyclable packaging, which minimises waste.

It helps reduce pollution to our waterways and the air and it minimises your impact on ozone depletion and global climate change with fewer smog-producing chemicals.

  • Safe to use around kids and pets
All of the harsh chemicals (including formaldehyde, chlorine bleach, carcinogens, reproductive toxicants) we’ve walked through that can be found in traditional cleaning products aren’t things you want your little ones or furry friends to be around. Small children and pets are especially vulnerable due to higher exposure levels because of their size.
Symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, skin rashes, headaches, and more may “mysteriously” disappear once you stop using toxic cleaning chemicals.

when you use eco-friendly cleaning products, you will not experience all these risks because they contain gentle ingredients that are not harmful to your skin or body.

  • Save you money

Add some green to your pocketbook by making your own green cleaning products, or save money by buying eco-friendly all-purpose cleaners that do multiple jobs, so you won’t have to purchase other products. With more and more manufacturers entering the green cleaning scene, natural products are often competitively priced with their conventional, chemical-laden counterparts, and, in some cases even cheaper.

  • Better air quality
No one likes their home to stink of bleach or ammonia, right? Of course not!
Skip out on the strong chemical stench that accompanies most traditional cleaning products and go green, instead. Regardless of whether you’re making your own cleaning agents or buying eco-friendly ones, which include natural essential oils, the smell of these products tends to be much, much more pleasant.