One of the reason we started Zen Clean is to encourage awareness and action to use Eco and green cleaning products in our industry where we saw most of traditional cleaning agents on the market do not provide. While there is no refuting the benefits of cleanliness, there are mounting concerns about the materials and chemicals used by some commercial cleaners to achieve the result. Globally, billions of liters of chemicals and supplies are used for cleaning purposes each year. This staggering figure is compounded further by the waste generated by the packaging from these products. Considering the scale of this issue alone, it is not hard to understand the devastating impact these substances and the associated waste are having on our waterways, air, soil and wildlife. ⠀

Due to the dangerous, corrosive chemicals within, many traditional cleaners are packaged in materials which cannot be properly recycled. Conversely, as green cleaning agents aren’t corrosive, they can be packaged using environmentally-friendly materials which are then able to be recycled more readily when disposed of.⠀

By engaging green cleaners who use environmentally-friendly cleaning products, you are playing an important role in reducing the negative effects traditional cleaning products can have on our environment. This is an opportunity to not only lessen your carbon footprint, but also to support the sustainability of our waterways and have a positive impact on climate change and air pollution levels.⠀

The collective response to address the implications of the COVID19 pandemic highlighted how well communities work together when we have a common goal. Let’s use the lessons learned from COVID19 to make long lasting changes to save our environment too. ⠀