We are all moving towards a greener lifestyle at home, but what happens when we walk into the office? Should office manager in charge of the office cleaning contract add environment targets to your contract process? It’s no longer a ‘nice to have’ rather a necessity.⠀

Whether you work in a small office, or a large commercial building, we have five Eco-friendly office cleaning checklists to make your day in the office cleaner, greener and healthier for you and your co-workers.⠀

  • Cleaning chemical check⠀

It’s time to find out exactly what chemicals your cleaner is using, you need to understand what is being brought into your workplace. ⠀

  • Cleaner check⠀

Seek out an office cleaner who is passionate about green cleaning and can demonstrate eco-friendly office practices. Ask for references and ask specifically about green practices. Staff should be trained with the environment in mind, and their equipment and cleaning chemicals should reflect their promises. ⠀

  • Office waste check⠀

Reducing the amount of rubbish and heading to landfill will benefit your office in many ways. Encourage or purchase corporate reusable cups for your daily coffee and encourage people to swap throw away plastic food containers for re-usable glass ones. Working with your cleaner on separating and recycling waste where possible.⠀

  • Office furniture check⠀

As you upgrade and update your desks and other office furniture, choose products which are ethically sourced and manufactured, requiring only a damp microfiber cloth to wipe clean. You’ll create a comfortable, contemporary working environment without the need for overpowering cleaning sprays, gels and polishes.⠀

  • Air quality check⠀

Clean, fresh air is necessary for the health and well-being of staff and cleaning and regular maintenance are essential. Taking care of your office, airflow reduces your power bills and enables you to breathe fresher, cleaner, greener air in your office. Adding plants to the office helps to clean the air and bring a new feeling of general health and well-being. They also make your office quite literally greener.